Product Development Pipeline
Product Candidate
Immune Signaling
Lead Optimization
Phase 1
Deep IL-15
Solid & hematologic tumors
Deep IL-12
Solid tumors
Deep TLR
Solid tumors
Deep Checkpoint Inhibitor
Solid & hematologic tumors

Torque is developing a new class of Deep-Primed™ immune cell therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. We use a technology platform to anchor powerful immuno-modulators—stimulatory cytokines, antibodies, and small molecules—directly to T cells to direct and evoke immune cell responses locally in the tumor microenvironment, with pharmacologic control.

Our immuno-oncology strategy is to develop a focused set of modular immunomodulatory drugs—both autocrine and paracrine activators—that can drive a full immune response in the tumor microenvironment, attached to multi-target T cells for tumors with hetereogenous antigens. Deep IL-15 is advancing toward the first clinical trials in 2018 for both hematologic and solid tumors. We are also developing Deep IL-12 and small-molecule TLR agonists to target both adaptive and innate immunity, to amplify the immune response for durability and memory. In addition, we are pursuing several approaches to develop Deep Checkpoint Inhibition.

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