Slipstream™ Platform for High-Efficiency Manufacturing of Deep-Primed T-Cell Therapies

Streamlined, fully closed T cell manufacturing system

Slipstream™ is a proprietary, high-efficiency T cell manufacturing platform engineered by Torque to operate as modular compact factories. Currently marketed immune cell therapies are produced using open, complex, labor- and cost-intensive processes that require a substantial manufacturing facility. In contrast, Slipstream production is semi-automated and fully closed, which eliminates contamination risk between transfers and can dramatically reduce staffing requirements and the factory footprint.

Using proprietary processes, automation, and advanced logistics, we innovated the Slipstream process for high-efficiency use of space and labor, with a fully closed production stream from end-to-end. Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality end product for patients.

Torque Slipstream Factory

The Slipstream production line can be used in both large-scale and decentralized manufacturing settings, with the potential to move cell manufacturing closer to the point of care. Production capacity can be expanded by adding additional arrays in Lego-like fashion.



Deep-Primed Immune Cell Therapy Process

Torque Deep-Primed T Cell Therapeutic Development

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