What are Deep-Primed™ Immune Cell Therapeutics?

Immune cell therapeutics that target tumors—specifically, CAR T cells, TCR therapeutics, and targeted T cells—confront two key challenges:

  1. Tumors with heterogeneous antigens that readily develop resistance to single-target therapy
  2. Immunosuppressive tumor microenvironments that limit T cell function, persistence, and trafficking

Torque’s Deep-Primed immune cell therapeutics are designed to overcome these barriers to effective and durable cancer immunotherapy by incorporating powerful biotherapeutics that enable precise control of dose, timing, and location of immune cell function.

Deep-Primed T-cells:

  • Target multiple tumor antigens, including both intracellular and extracellular antigens, for treating hematologic or solid tumors that express heterogeneous antigens and can develop resistance to single-target therapy.
  • Direct immune activation with tethered immune activators for both innate and adaptive immunity, deep in the tumor microenvironment with controlled delivery of powerful immunomodulators (IL-15, IL-12, TLR agonists) without systemic exposure.
  • Natural T cell receptor primed without genetic engineering to preserve full T cell receptor signaling to integrate with the immune system and stimulate a regulated endogenous immune response for a high margin of safety.
  • Are administered as outpatient therapy, without myeloablative pre-conditioning chemotherapy, for a broad set of cancer types, expanding the addressable patient population to many people who are not eligible for CAR-T therapies today, including earlier treatment settings.
  • Use a repeat dosing schedule to ensure a deep immune response with persistence.


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