What are Deep-Primed™ Immune Cell Therapeutics?

Immune cell therapeutics that target tumors—specifically, CAR T cells, TCR therapeutics, and targeted T cells—confront a host of immunosuppressive and regulatory signals in the tumor microenvironment. The tumor protects itself from immune system attack by co-opting these mechanisms that the immune system normally uses to turn itself off at the end of a successful immune response.

Torque’s Deep-Primed immune cell therapeutics are designed to overcome these barriers to effective and durable cancer immunotherapy by incorporating powerful biotherapeutics that enable precise control of dose, timing, and location of immune cell function, supercharging them to:

  • Activate the immune cells that are targeting the tumor deep within the tumor microenvironment—avoiding continuous, systemic exposure that acts on all cells and can cause lethal toxicity
  • Allow those immune cells to overcome immune-suppressive mechanisms in the the tumor microenvironment that prohibit the immune cells from recognizing and attacking the tumor
  • Rapidly engraft and proliferate in the tumor
  • Activate those immune cells to increase tumor cell destruction
  • Persist in the body to provide durable protection


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