About Torque

Torque is developing a new class of Deep-Primed™ immune cell therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. We use a technology platform to anchor powerful biotherapeutics—stimulatory cytokines, antibodies, and small molecules—directly to immune cells to direct and evoke immune cell responses, locally in the tumor microenvironment. We have completed preclinical studies with our initial clinical candidate—Deep IL-15—that demonstrate increased T cell proliferation, engraftment, and tumor cell killing, including the potential to improve on pre-conditioning regimens. We will initiate the first clinical trials of Deep IL-15 in the first half of 2018.

Torque is applying the Deep-Priming™ platform across all immune cell therapeutic classes: CAR T cells, TCR therapeutics, NK cells, and Tumor-Associated Antigen (TAA)-specific T cells. In hematologic cancers, our technology has the potential to improve on the initial success of CAR T therapeutics, enabling more durable responses and with less toxicity. For solid tumors, Deep-Priming has the potential to enable efficacy against cancers that are protected by hostile microenvironments not readily addressable with the first generation of immune cell therapies.

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